Terms Of Service

Payment terms

We have two plans. Basic plan: $199/month and Premium Plan: $259 per month. Each plan must be paid upfront.


You can subscribe at anytime your payment plan. Just go to your account and cancel your plan. There is no minimum period and also no notice (You may even cancel your subscription one day before the next period commences)

Requesting tasks

After you have subscribed to one of our plan you can request your first design tasks. Depending on the nature of the task we complete the work between 1 to 3 days (we always try to work as fast as we can).

Work process

You submit the brief via a Typeform link which will be sent to you via email. After that, we will immediately start working on the task and update you via email on the progress. We may also join your Slack/Trello/Skype group to make communication easier.

Money-back guarantee

We have a 10 days, 100% Money-back guarantee. You can exercise this guarantee during these 10 days after you subscribed. However, please note that if you request the source files (.psd, .sketch) we will not be able to refund you since we will consider that you like the work we did.


We will not disclose what your business or project is to other clients.


Copyright is in favor of the client. In other words, the do we work is yours. You can request also an extra waiver of intellectual property if you want. The client gets to use the designs we create and also retains the right to it. We also promise not to re-use the work we did for you for other clients.